electronic , instrumatation

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textile , machinery

weaving loom machinery/carpet spare parts, yarn .... click here


led , light

led lamp, smd led, solder, power switching ...... click here


ceramic , machinery

ceramic machinery , spare part , raw material
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welding machine, parts

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atrin inductrial groups based on Iran


atrin industrial groups founded in 2006 , in the first was making electronic board and design board for many industrial factory in asia , after 2 year import and export many electronic devices and parts from the world , open egency in china and italy and tehran and now is one the biggest groups for electronic and industrial electronics in iran .


electronic components , welding machine and welding machine spare parts , oil and gas and refinery spare parts and instrumatation , many kind of LED , textile machiney , weaving machinery , carpet machiney , textile spare parts , yarn , tile and ceramic machinery and spare parts of ceramic line.

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